Thank You!

2013-02-02 00:19:19 by H2opoloseal

Whether you're a regular visitor to this page, or just happened to be swinging by... thank you! I've recently reinvested heavily into the evolution of my music towards a more professional sound and my tool bag of technical skills, so by all means, please keep checking in for new and increasingly better-sounding tracks!

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Hello anyone!

I have just uploaded one of more recent tracks - "Roll the Credits," for your listening pleasure. Please rate if you loved it, and maybe leave a review too! I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did creating it.

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Hello again :)

2012-06-03 12:09:27 by H2opoloseal

I'm back :)

Enjoy the new tracks, I've evolved a lot!

To my fans!

2010-08-12 14:13:13 by H2opoloseal

Hey guys!

If you enjoy my music, the newest and best of it hasnt been uploaded here and won't be for a long time; I'm just too busy! PLEASE keep up with all the new tracks and madness HERE th

You can also find me on Myspace, Facebook, Ourstage, iLike, AudioJungle, even Youtube right now, and thanks to all you guys, iTunes by the end of the year!

I look forward to seeing you all on Reverbnation!!!


To my fans!

It's a start!

2010-04-26 22:35:19 by H2opoloseal

Been asked to do a soundrack for a new game that looks totally awesome... everyone should be on the lookout for this trick little game out of the U.K., Block Distractiom. Check out Fabzilla's page to see for yourself :)